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What the hell is Funsize? (Etymology)

It tastes reaaally good.

The origins of the name, the story behind it all, in a familiar annoying Magazine style Q&A.

Is it a new size of clothing?

Is it the name of a compact family hatchback? (Car companies do silly names like this don't they?)
It very possibly could've been, but it's not.

Were you on prohibited substances when you came up with that name?
Um ... No?

Now, now, my shocked audience, these are all fair questions.
Please take a seat and get comfortable, get popcorn and your choice of refreshing drink because this will be a long tale.

Or maybe not.

I began working on a project with the Release Engineering Team in May '14. The project was originally titled 'Senbonzakura' after the 'Zanpaktuo' from 'Bleach'. Upon introducing the name to my team, everyone had a hard time pronouncing and remembering how to spell it right.

Except Nick.
Nick is a boss and seems to have a knack for remembering long and hard-to-pronounce names. Maybe it's from his days remembering all those unintelligible high atomic number elements' names as an Atomic Scientist.

But I digress.
It was decided after much debate and controversy (not really) that the project had to be re-named.

My project deals with something called "Partial MARs", so I figured calling it "Mars Mini" after the namesake chocolatey treats would be clever. Our non-American English speaking team-mates suggested calling it "Mars Funsize" instead because that's what it's known by in other parts of the world.

And so it came to be.

We christened our new-born Partial MAR generation service "Funsize"!
Which kind of fits, because I had a lot of fun working on it.

And you can too!
If you think Python and scalable Web Applications are your kind of thing, you might want to take a look at the Contributing to Funsize and How to contribute to Release Engineering pages and see if Funsize is your idea of fun!