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The not so Sedentary Second Week


The second week came to an end, and with it's end comes a new post.

If I were to describe how last week went, I'd describe it as a mixed bag.
The modules due for test writing last week were Moznetwork and Mozinstall.

While working with Mozinstall over the past week I've often found myself at a loss for expletives to dish out to the "other" two Operating Systems  I was working with ( Yes Windows and Mac I'm looking at you).
Eventually though, I realized that they're not as bad as I originally thought they were.Thanks to help from jhammel, wlach, ahal, Mook and Google, I learnt a bit about how installers are packaged for MacOSX and Windows, and how these installers can be stubbed (i.e fake installers that don't actually install anything, rather they just go through the motions of the install procedure).
The amount of relief I felt after actually getting the installers working and the tests for mozinstall running is indescribable.

The other module I was supposed to work on last week was Moznetwork. I have some fond memories with Moznetwork, it was the first (and only :P ) module I wrote for Mozilla.
This was fun to test, I knew most of the code and testing involved regular expressions which I enjoy, so it was loads of fun. (Here's the one I used )

As always you can track progress for there modules on their respective Bugs.

Mozinstall - Bug 796017
Moznetwork - Bug 853127
I also ended up doing some minuscule fixes that I stumbled across during testing, these were Bug 888741 and Bug 888756 .