Google Summer of Code, Mozilla,

The final stretch!

It's the last week of the Google Summer of Code and I've found myself spending more time getting mozprocess tests in shape.
Mozprocess was one of the more challenging modules I've dealt with in terms of complexity, but it has also been the most enjoyable.

Cross-platform issues are always a joy, and mozprocess lived upto expectations marvelously ;) .
I came across WindowsError exceptions flying through the stack, like chickens flying the coop. Thankfully the WindowsErrors went away (mostly) and the *nix systems were pretty co-operative this time around.

I now have a respectable patch up, approved and r+'d , with a successful try-run.
So Tyche and Fortuna willing, the patch should land pretty soon.

For the entire story please visit Bug 778267.

Update: Patch landed! :D

Preemptive celebratory photograph:
So much win!