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It's a Six!

Summer of Code - Week 6

The sixth week is over and done with, and I've been putting in some time to work on mozprofile.
Mozprofile seemed like a tricky module initially, I've been working on testing the AddonsManager code mostly, and it comes with it's fair share of "Gotcha"s.
It's not difficult code as such, but it took me more readings than the other modules I've worked with, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
As always there's a bug number associated with the work I've been doing, this time it's 898265 .

Next up is Mozprocess, which is the last module I need to write unit-tests for as per Schedule. After that I'll be going back and trying to write more tests that I might've missed in the past and I'll be attempting some other slightly trickier stuff, including trying to bundle the Android Emulator so that we can test the SUTAgent. Exciting times!

In other news, The mid-term evaluation results are out, and I happy to inform everyone that I passed my mid-term evaluation. Yay!