Google Summer of Code, Mozilla,

For how fickle can a fifth be?


"Fie, Fie ffledgling! for having forsaken thy foremost duties again!". Yes Shakespeare I understand.

As is now becoming a frequent occurrence, this update has been overdue and technically should've been out a few days ago, but then again, it has been a fickle fifth week.
Last week was characterized by contradictions and rapid changes. I went from having the fastest internet I've had in a while, to nearly no internet for a while. Days in the past week have seen me both at my productive and counter-productive best.

Productive and counter-productive at what you ask? Why my Summer of Code Project ofcourse!
Mozdevice has been an interesting module to work on, but I've manged to finish writing all the unit tests I could for it at the moment.

if you really want to take a look at the gory details, there's always a bug number to help you out, and this time it's Bug 894062 to the rescue!

I will now be moving on to Mozprofile! As the weeks progress, the modules I work on seem to grow ever so slightly, both in size and complexity, which was what keeps things interesting ;)

Keep an eye out for the next post!